Client Reviews

We wanted to say thanks to Nick and the staff of Hovde Dassow + Deets for the excellent work you did as our attorney. We know you have a lot of clients and some cases much larger than ours but you gave us equal time and treatment, you were always there for us, we really appreciate your professionalism, passion and dedication and were very pleased with the mediation and the settlement.  - Sincerely, D&N - Dennis Flanagan

He is at the top of the profession of trial lawyers.

Nick Deets is an outstanding lawyer. He has great skills across the board and his ethics are beyond reproach.

First class personal injury lawyer. One of the best in the State of Indiana.

One of the best attorneys I know.

I personally witnessed Nick Deets try a medical malpractice case within the last 6 months. Liability was even more difficult than a normal Medical Malpractice case. Nick did an exemplary job and secured a tremendous result for his deserving clients. In addition to Nick's abilities as a lawyer - including all of the categories rated above - Nick frequently shares his abilities and insights with other lawyers, and pursues important legal issues through the appellate process as a benefit to all.

Nick is a very professional and effective lawyer, who places priority on his clients' needs.

Mr. Deets is a remarkably capable lawyer and one of great integrity.

One of the best plaintiff's personal injury attorneys in Indiana.

I have had 2 fairly significant legal issues in the past few years and Nick Deets has represented myself and a family member very professionally and thoroughly. Sometime as a client we have preconceived feelings about our legal issues but Mr. Deets helped us sort through the emotions verses the legal issues and in the first case, he helped my family member out tremendously from a legal perspective and we had great results from his efforts. Not only did Mr. Deets give us great legal counsel and we had great outcomes, he personally assisted our family member receive additional assistance in dealing with a very sensitive matter.

Mr. Deets is a wonderful communicator but as a good lawyer must, he has to and must be frank with you about your legal case. If you want a great lawyer that is going to help you legally and not waste your time by telling you what you want to hear, then this law firm is the one you should select.

The second case that Mr. Deets has assisted me with in a personal injury case for myself. Because of his reputation and our great relationship, I asked him for assistance with a personal injury case for myself. Mr. Deets is co counsel on an out of state issue and because of his reputation he referred me to a highly respected and successful attorney out of state. The case has yet to settle but once again Mr. Deets provided a great recommendation to me and he has helped me come to grips with the reality of my case and has been very helpful to me by answering questions I didn't feel confident about asking my current attorney. Fortunately for me, they both concurred on my potential outcome and I feel my case is going to have a positive outcome for me.

The other thing I like about this firm is that if they cannot help you or feel someone else can represent you in a more favorable manner then they will refer you to another firm. I like and highly recommend Mr. Deets and would suggest that you consult with him before making a final decision on the attorney you want to represent you.

Nick Deets is an Indiana Super Lawyer for a reason... Nick is a great family friend but when dealing with legal matters you still want to get the maximum outcome, regardless of personal relationships and I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the result of my case.

The firms personnel and Nick are prompt with urgent matters, conduct business in an honest way, and the bottom line is they get the job done. I highly recommend him for any legal matter in their wheelhouse and if that isn't enough research their awards, it speaks for itself.

Mr. Deets has performed remarkably for us. You can tell we're just not a client were a family that he cares about. For that I'm greatly in debt to him! I would strongly is anyone who has a problem to get a hold of mr. Deeds and be assured that it would be taken care of!

Rob Dassow is an exceptional lawyer - our law firm continues to recommend him when we are asked about a great attorney in Indianapolis. Rob is impressive in court and very organized. We have been very impressed with the results our clients receive when working with Hovde, Dassow + Deets.

The best thing about working with Hovde Dassow + Deets was Nick's professionalism and knowledge. He had a lot of confidence. I could tell that he cared about my case even though he and the firm had a lot on their plate. They were prompt at answering emails and prompt with information. He put a lot of effort into making sure we were happier than what we had planned on going in.