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Distracted Driving Laws in Indiana and Protections for Victims

The dangers of distracted driving are well known but drivers continue to engage in this risky behavior. Negligent drivers who drive while distracted may be liable to victims for the harm they have suffered and victims should know how they are protected by distracted driving and personal injury laws.

Distracted driving laws in Indiana and protections for victims

To improve safety on the roadways, Indiana now has a hands-free law that prohibits drivers from holding cell phones or tablets while driving. Cell phones can only be operated using a hands-free or voice operated options. Studies have found that distracted driving makes the chances of a car accident 2 to 6 times more likely. On average, texting while driving removes the driver’s eyes from the roadway for 5 seconds which is the equivalent of traveling the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour while blind folded which significantly increases the chances of a car accident. Distracted driving laws help to reduce car accidents and fatalities.

Distracted driving includes a variety of behaviors such as cell phone use, texting while driving and any form of distraction while driving. Distractions can be anything that removes the driver’s eyes from the roadway, hands from the steering wheel or focus from driving.

When distracted driving laws are not followed, victims can suffer grave injuries and harm in distracted driving-related car accidents. Victims can bring a personal injury claim for damages for compensation of the harm they have suffered. Victims may seek help with their physical, financial and emotional damages resulting from a car accident caused by a distracted driver. It is important that car accident victims are protected and are familiar with the legal resources available to them.