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Syngenta Lawsuit Alert: Indiana Corn Producers May Have Claims for Lost Profits and Damages

| Nov 25, 2014 | Firm News, General

Agrisure Viptera® and Duracade® GMO corn varieties contaminated U.S. corn supply, causing billions of dollars in losses.

Across the country, large corn exporters as well as smaller, family producers have been filing lawsuits against Syngenta, a Swiss biotech company, for making false representations and contaminating the U.S. corn supply with GMO corn seed that had not been approved by China and other large importers. Syngenta’s actions have caused an unprecedented drop in U.S. corn exports and have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profits for American corn producers.

China Rejects U.S. Corn Shipments

The claims that have been filed, and which Hovde Dassow + Deets are currently investigating and pursuing, involve Syngenta’s Agrisure Viptera® and Duracade® GMO corn varieties. The lawsuits allege that Syngenta contaminated the U.S. corn supply by marketing and selling its GMO corn seed containing the MIR 162 trait to farmers throughout Indiana and the United States despite knowing that the trait had not been approved by China, the fastest-growing corn market in the world, and other important export markets. China’s government began rejecting U.S. corn shipments in November 2013 after its tests detected Agrisure Viptera, which resulted in significantly reduced prices for U.S. corn.

Exports Down by 85 Percent

Corn with even trace amounts of MIR 162 have resulted in the denial of entire corn shipments when they arrive in China. Such cross-pollination and cross-contamination has resulted in the inability to export millions of tons of corn to China. One U.S. grain group estimates that China has rejected nearly 1.45 million metric tons of American-grown corn. The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. corn exports are down by 85 percent compared with last year. Bloomberg has reported that the rejection of U.S. corn shipments by China may cost U.S. corn producers billions of dollars in damages.

Billions in Damages; Lawsuits Filed Across Country

Major U.S. corn exporters have already claimed that Syngenta’s actions caused them staggering losses. Cargill’s claims in its suit against Syngenta that the company’s sale of the unapproved seed exposed it to more than $90 million in losses, while Trans Coastal says it expects to lose around $141 million. Both the Cargill and Trans Coastal Syngenta lawsuits raise concerns that Agrisure Viptera can be found throughout the U.S. corn supply chain.

Large U.S. corn exporters are not the only ones filing claims against Syngenta; American corn producers of all sizes have also filed suits against Syngenta in both federal and state court across the country

Hovde Dassow + Deets: Indiana Syngenta Claims Lawyers

The law firm of Hovde Dassow + Deets in Indianapolis is currently investigating and prosecuting cases on behalf of corn producers in Indiana who may be entitled to compensation from Syngenta for its misrepresentations and contamination of U.S. corn crops with a GMO variety that was unapproved in China and other important export markets. We are currently accepting clients that are corn producers who grew, harvested, or marketed corn in 2013 and 2014.

If you raised corn of any variety in 2013 or 2014, you need to act promptly to protect your rights. Please contact our office immediately at 888-229-1778 or fill out our online form to arrange for a free, initial consultation.

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