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What Clients Think About Our Representation

Nic was the most hopefully person I’ve ever met for me and my family...”
Nic was the most hopefully person I’ve ever met for me and my family I would recommend his law office to any one they helped me threw a really bad time in  mine and my family life thanks Nick for all your help you have became a really good friend in all this process again thanks for everything you have done.
– Bryan J.

“We had a great experience working with Nick Deets and Tyler.”
We had a great experience working with Nick Deets and Tyler. They listened, gave needed guidance, and walked us through every step of our legal process. They were very knowledgeable and made an emotionally trying experience bearable (even enjoyable at times). I highly recommend this legal team!
– Cari
Bloomington, IN

“Rick Hovde handled all of the communication & worked with the insurance company on our mother’s behalf.”
My brother and I reached out to Rick Hovde for assistance dealing with the insurance company after our mother was struck by a car. Mom required surgery and a 2-month rehab stay. Rick was great! He explained to us what we could expect as none of us had any experience in this type of situation. Rick handled all of the communication and worked with the insurance company and Medicare to get the best possible settlement for our mother. I recommend Rick and his firm – you’ll be very glad you did!
– Annette K.

“Professionalism, Quality Service, Responsiveness, & Valuable”
I was referred to this firm with a difficult problem that was making most of my life a mess. Nick Deets and people at his firm went right to work. They made sure they understood my situation. Designed a plan that put me at ease and allowed me the confidence to tend to my career and family. I would highly recommend Nick and his firm for your legal issues.
– Kelsey B.

“Rick Hovde answered all my questions & concerns throughout the whole process.”
I was very pleased with the outcome of my lawsuit and I want to thank my attorney Rick Hovde and his associate Kelly Faulk both for answering all my questions and concerns. I would recommend them and their law firm to anyone who might need their services. Thanks again.
– Kevin K.

“Thank you all for your professionalism & hard work.”
Every person I had any communication with was very professional. They responded quickly to and answered all questions with great detail. I felt important and in the loop at all times. Thank you all for your professionalism and hard work.
– Chadd W.

“Nick Deets really gives you everything in the Arsenal.”
Nicolas Deets is the G.O.A.T. He really gives you everything in the Arsenal. He’s very tactful when dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers. He won’t allow these big insurance companies to take advantage of you. He’s a lawyer that goes to bat, swinging to make sure you’re highly satisfied. I would highly recommend anyone to call Hovde Dassow + Deets if you are involved in an accident. Ask for my lawyer, Nicolas Deets.
– Lester S.

“Very professional, honest, upfront all throughout the case.”
We had Nick Deets representing our case. We can’t say enough good things about him! He was very professional, honest, upfront all throughout the case, and very diligent. We were very happy with the work he did for us and would highly recommend him to anyone.
– John H.

“The firm’s personnel & Nick are prompt with urgent matters & conduct business in an honest way.”
Nick Deets is an Indiana Super Lawyer for a reason… Nick is a great family friend but when dealing with legal matters you still want to get the maximum outcome, regardless of personal relationships and I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the result of my case. The firm’s personnel and Nick are prompt with urgent matters, conduct business in an honest way, and the bottom line is they get the job done. I highly recommend him for any legal matter in their wheelhouse and if that isn’t enough research their awards, it speaks for itself.
– Nicholas V.

“Words can not express how exceptional Rick Hovde and Kelly Faulk are in the Field of Medical Malpractice”
Words can not express how exceptional Rick Hovde and Kelly Faulk are in the field of Medical Malpractice. I had a back surgery that left me with a permanent disability. I contacted a personal injury law firm who recommended Rick Hovde of Hovde Dassow + Deets. Thank God for thier recommendation. In my opinion Rick Hovde and his assistant Kelly Faulk are the best in the field of Medical Malpractice. Rick and Kelly helped me every step of the way through a difficult at best process from start to finish. Rick and Kelly helped keep me on track and we not only won the case Rick was able to get the maximum settlement allowed by Indiana State Law. I would highly recommend Rick Hovde to anyone. He gets a five star plus rating from me.
– Bob D
Hamlet, IN

“Very knowledgeable and really cares”
Nick and his staff are absolutely amazing.they are very knowledgeable. It was a very bad time in my life and after talking to nick it was such a relief.I really did not know where to turn .nick reassured me that it would be ok.nick is very down to earth and very understanding.nick listens to you and guided me through the process.His staff is very professional and helpful.Nick never once made me feel like I had unanswered questions.Nick is very detailed and dedicated to your case.After speaking with nick on day one I knew I was in good hands.there is a reason he is the best in the state and I could not be happier with his performance as an attorney.
– Tony S
Sullivan, IN

“You can tell we’re just not a client but a family that they care about.”
Mr. Deets has performed remarkably for us. You can tell we’re just not a client but a family that he cares about. For that, I’m greatly in debt to him! I would strongly is anyone who has a problem to get a hold of Mr. Deeds and be assured that it would be taken care of!
– Steve H.

“He’s amazing!!”
Nick deets a very outstanding, straight forward professional who absolutely cares about his clients and their families would most definitely recommend him as a personal injury lawyer.He’s amazing!!
– Rodregius hayes
Indy, IN

“They care deeply about their clients and work hard for the best results.”
They care deeply about their clients and work hard for the best results. Highly recommend!
– Taylor F.

“I can’t thank Nick Deets and his staff enough for assisting me with my personal injury case.”
I can’t thank Nick Deets and his staff enough for assisting me with my personal injury case. It was confusing and very emotional in the beginning. Nick was patient, explained how and when to expect the case to play out. Nick and staff were quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. My case finalized sooner than expected thanks to Nick’s expertise. I was thrilled with the result and settlement of my case!
– Beth R.

“Highly recommend Hovde Dassow + Deets law team!!!”
Highly recommend Hovde Dassow + Deets law team. This group of individuals practice law with determination and devotion to their clients. Professional attorneys that provided excellent customer service. Educated and respected with years of experience, choose this firm to represent you. I especially want to thank Frederick Hovde for the compassion and empathy provided to my father throughout his legal process.
– Heather M
Martinsville, IN

“We give Nick Deets & Hovde Dassow + Deets our highest recommendation.”
We were facing a potential medical malpractice claim and didn’t know what path to follow. With great legal guidance, we were referred to Nick Deets of Hovde Dassow + Deets. From our very first meeting with Mr. Deets, we felt comfortable knowing that he and his competent staff were leading us through this journey. Nick kept us informed every step of the way, telling us what we needed to know when we needed to know it. He worked diligently and professionally on our behalf and in the end, we were blessed with a great result and settlement. We will be forever grateful to Nick for making our lives a little easier. We are thankful for such a great advocate. We give Nick and his law firm of Hovde Dassow + Deets our highest recommendation.
– Michael W.

“The level of communication was outstanding.”
Nick Deets was our family’s attorney for my mother’s wrongful death case. Mr. Deets came highly recommended during our family’s search for legal representation. We were very impressed with Mr. Deets during our initial visit and immediately signed up with him. Mr. Deets was available to us as needed while our case was active. He kept us informed every step of the way. The level of communication was outstanding. Without going into detail, there was an aspect to our case that Mr. Deets uncovered. Most attorneys would have never made this discovery- and in the end, it raised the level of the conclusion of our case substantially. This is exactly why we wanted a competent and experienced attorney. Mr. Deets went toe to toe with the opposition at every step of the way. He fought for every inch. You never have to wonder whose side the attorney is on if you hire this firm. Most people only go through a tragedy once in their lifetime. The loss in our case was unfathomable. Our family is so grateful that we didn’t make the situation worse by having a negative experience law firm. Our family was extremely satisfied with the job performance of our attorney, Nick Deets. We pray that we never experience the unfathomable loss that necessitated the need to hire an attorney again. If we should ever have to hire an attorney again, we would hire this law firm again with no hesitation whatsoever. That is probably the strongest recommendation anyone could give. Thanks for everything.
– Kenneth E.

“Mr. Hovde and his staff were stellar in the way they handled our case!”
Mr. Rick Hovde was recommended to us by our personal attorney and a customer of ours with our family business. Mr. Hovde was also featured as one of the top 3 personal injury attorneys on the front of the Indianapolis Monthly publication. A few years back, I suffered the personal loss of my wife due to what I believe was medical malpractice. Mr. Hovde and his staff were stellar in the way they handled our case! Winning a medical malpractice case is no easy task, but he won ours. In my opinion, he is the best at what he does. I appreciated his attention to detail and was very impressed with his resolve to do the best job possible for a favorable outcome. I would strongly recommend Rick Hovde to anyone needing a great malpractice attorney.

“This is an exceptional law firm!”
I was severely injured by a metal-on-metal hip implant. I needed a lawyer willing and capable to go up against the corporate Goliath, Smith & Nephew. After writing and calling various attorneys across the country who claimed in their TV advertisements to be powerful law firms willing to take on Smith & Nephew, but apparently were too busy to personally talk to me by phone and were unimpressive in their return letters, I became very discouraged. Time is a huge issue with injury cases like mine. My main concern was finding a lawyer that would not “rip me off”, waste my time and incompetently ruin my limited opportunity. After hours of research, I found an article about an outstanding victory a law firm had obtained in dealing with the very same medical company that had injured me. I was amazed to learn that the winning law firm, Hovde Dassow & Deets, was located in my own home city of Indianapolis. This proved a God-send. My first meeting with Nicholas Deets restored my hope. I appreciated Nick’s candor as he assessed my case. His confidence seemed quite genuine and I left feeling very encouraged… and counting on him. As he had advised me, I would need to be patient; these things take time. He was right. But in the end, facing a powerful multinational medical-technology company, Nick Deets prevailed as a most EFFECTIVE victor on my behalf. By his skill, resources, and experience Nick made particular winning moves… and I was amazed at what he delivered! My settlement exceeded my most hopeful expectation!

I am truly grateful to Nick Deets, who proved himself to be a highly capable, trustworthy, outstanding attorney. This is an exceptional law firm.
– John K.

“Within moments Mr. Deets’s confidence & sincerity absolutely set me at ease.”
As soon as I spoke with Mr. Deeds after a terrible tragedy I endured with my daughter’s passing. Within moments his confidence and sincerity absolutely set me at ease and I knew he would do right by me and my family! I absolutely adore him.
– Kim C.

“Conscientious, professional, & accommodating.”
Conscientious, professional, and accommodating. The case was handled in a very conscientious manner always be considerate of our delicate situation. Our attorney was always very professional and accommodating. He met us according to our needs. The firm was fair and honored their fee schedule provided to us ahead of time. Our case was handled in a very timely fashion, giving much consideration to our family’s needs. I would highly recommend their agency.
– Stacy J.

“The best thing about working with Hovde Dassow + Deets was Nick’s professionalism & knowledge.”
The best thing about working with Hovde Dassow + Deets was Nick’s professionalism and knowledge. He had a lot of confidence. I could tell that he cared about my case even though he and the firm had a lot on their plate. They were prompt at answering emails and prompt with information. He put a lot of effort into making sure we were happier than what we had planned on going in.
– Sarah S.

“We wanted to say thanks to Nick and the staff of Hovde Dassow + Deets for the excellent work you did as our attorney.”
We wanted to say thanks to Nick and the staff of Hovde Dassow + Deets for the excellent work you did as our attorney. We know you have a lot of clients and some cases much larger than ours but you gave us equal time and treatment, you were always there for us, we really appreciate your professionalism, passion and dedication and were very pleased with the mediation and the settlement.
– Dennis F.

“We wouldn’t consider using any other attorneys.”
Nick Deets has done a wonderful job representing myself as well as two of my daughters in personal injury accidents. We wouldn’t consider using any other attorney. He’s the best of the best. We recommend him to anyone we know who is looking for a personal injury attorney.
– Elaine K.

“Highly recommend Nick Deets to anyone in need of a “Rock Star” attorney!”
My wife suffered a very serious car accident where her car was totaled. We went online and did research; based on reviews just like this one looking for the right fit. We needed a savvy professional to represent my wife in her injury claim, we chose Nick Deets to represent our best interests. We have no regrets about our decision to partner with Nick. There is no question that he is extremely knowledgeable and competent regarding his craft. He took the time to prepare, educate and counsel us on how long our case would take and what to expect – things went as scripted to the point where he got exactly what we had expected. There were highs and lows throughout the process but all-in-all Nick handled it with the utmost respect and concern for us. I will definitely recommend Nick to anyone in need of a “Rock Star” attorney – you only need to make one call and it’s not to the “Hammer” it should be to Nick Deets of Hovde, Dassow Deets.
– Rick M.

“Working with this firm was amazing.”
Working with this company was amazing, they went above and beyond for me, as well as kept me in the loop about everything, talked me through everything, and really made the best decisions for my case and for my future and ultimately they helped me get the chance to change my life for the rest of my life and take back my life after all the time lost. They are very professional and understanding. I highly recommend them they are a great team with great judgment and you will be in great hands, I owe a huge thank you to Tyler and Nick for helping me through everything and achieving the outcome we’d hoped for in the beginning.
– Jade W.

“Rob Dassow is an exceptional lawyer!”
Rob Dassow is an exceptional lawyer – our law firm continues to recommend him when we are asked about a great attorney in Indianapolis. Rob is impressive in court and very organized. We have been very impressed with the results our clients receive when working with Hovde, Dassow + Deets.
 Jessica P.

“This law firm is superior in knowledge and precise in details.”
Atty. Nicolas Deets and Donna Linville are the epitomai of professional courtesy. My father transitioned from his injuries incurred from an auto accident a year ago. he was 90 years old. It was difficult sifting through the emotional piece, to say the least. Nick always accommodated our concerns and questions. I appreciate Nick’s knowledge, promptness, and expertise. He has impeccable knowledge and patience. I believe if you need legal advice trust is imperative and my doubts were replaced with transparency. I could not have asked for better service or representation. This law firm is superior in knowledge and precise in details. I always believed we were receiving the utmost representation for my father and we did. Atty. Nicolas Deets is the G.O.A.T. in Indianapolis.
– Daniese A.

“Our family very much appreciates the services we received from Nick Deets & his staff.”
Our family very much appreciates the services we received from Nick Deets and his staff. We appreciate his professionalism and his sensitivity to our situation. We appreciate that he kept us informed and updated. He always met with us personally. While he was always professional, it was clearly obvious that he cared for our family and what we were going through. We won’t hesitate to reach out to them in the future if needed.
– Teresa S.

“Highly recommend Mr. Deets & would suggest that you consult with him first!”
I have had 2 fairly significant legal issues in the past few years and Nick Deets has represented me and a family member very professionally and thoroughly. Sometimes as a client we have preconceived feelings about our legal issues but Mr. Deets helped us sort through the emotions versus the legal issues and in the first case, he helped my family member out tremendously from a legal perspective and we had great results from his efforts. Not only did Mr. Deets give us great legal counsel and we had great outcomes, he personally assisted our family members receiving additional assistance in dealing with a very sensitive matter. Mr. Deets is a wonderful communicator but as a good lawyer must, he has to and must be frank with you about your legal case. If you want a great lawyer that is going to help you legally and not waste your time by telling you what you want to hear, then this law firm is the one you should select.

The second case that Mr. Deets assisted me within a personal injury case for me. Because of his reputation and our great relationship, I asked him for assistance with a personal injury case for myself. Mr. Deets is co-counsel on an out-of-state issue and because of his reputation, he referred me to a highly respected and successful attorney out of state. The case has yet to settle but once again Mr. Deets provided a great recommendation to me and he has helped me come to grips with the reality of my case and has been very helpful to me by answering questions I didn’t feel confident about asking my current attorney. Fortunately for me, they both concurred on my potential outcome and I feel my case is going to have a positive outcome for me.

The other thing I like about this firm is that if they cannot help you or feel someone else can represent you in a more favorable manner then they will refer you to another firm. I like and highly recommend Mr. Deets and would suggest that you consult with him before making a final decision on the attorney you want to represent you.
– Charles P.

“Rick Hovde best lawyer”
The best lawyer office around. Rick my attorney was very helpful and acted fast on my case to get things handled in a great timely manner. A very nice and friendly person plus did an excellent job with my case. Went above and beyond for me. Everyone that I spoke to in this office was always nice and answered all my questions in a timely matter, if there were unavailable I did not wait long for them to get back in touch with me. If anyone is ever in need of a lawyer for any of these types of cases this is the best law firm to choose. The rating is well above a 5-star.
– donna wilson
Goshen, IN