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How claims for defective medical devices can help victims

| Jul 25, 2019 | Defective Drugs And Medical Devices

Defective medical devices can cause a great deal of damage to victims in Indiana, whether they are seeking life-saving medical care or whether they are receiving what should be routine treatment. As a result, it is useful for victims of defective medical devices to be familiar with legal protections available to help them when they have been harmed.

Defective medical devices can lead to a product liability claim for damages when the victim has suffered injuries because of a defective medical device, defective or dangerous medical appliances, defective medical or surgical equipment, surgical implants, organ transplants, prosthetic devices, hospital supplies, diagnostic equipment or hearing or visual aids. When any of these types of products harm a patient, victims may have legal rights and remedies available to them through a products liability claim for damages.

It is important to note that there may be a variety of complexities associated with claims for defective medical devices which can include whether or not the claim should be made for products liability or for medical malpractice. Additionally, there are federal regulations to be aware of that regulate medical devices. Important time limits for making a claim also apply.

Victims of defective medical devices may be able to pursue compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages suffered as a result of a defective or dangerous medical device. Victims and their families may face a challenging healing process, which is why they should be familiar with the legal protections available to them including whether they have the option of bringing a legal claim for a defective medical device.