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Understanding the dangers of highways in Indiana

| Aug 14, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Good drivers understand that they need to respect the functions of the vehicle they are driving, as well as the conditions of the road. No matter how well you can operate your vehicle, you will come into trouble if you do not react to the dangers and hazards that can present themselves.

Road conditions can vary widely, and it is important to be aware of the specific dangers that can present themselves in different states. Indiana is a state that has several highways that present notable dangers, such as the I-65. The following are some hazards to watch out for when driving on such roads.

Wildlife on the road

Wild animals can sometimes attempt to cross even the busiest of highways. We all have a natural instinct to swerve to avoid hitting an animal, but caution must be taken in doing so. Swerving without watching out for other hazards can result in a serious car accident. Conversely, hitting a large animal such as a deer can cause a substantial impact that could seriously injury those in the car. It is important to always keep your eyes on the road and maintain appropriate speeds.

Ice and adverse weather

Indiana winters can pose significant dangers for drivers. Snowstorms can create unfavorable road conditions that increase the likelihood of collisions. It’s particularly important to watch out for ice on the roads because this can lead to cars going out of control. Using the appropriate tires can minimize adverse effects of ice and snow on vehicles.


If highways are poorly maintained, potholes can be a significant danger. They can cause a vehicle to unexpectedly jump, which can cause the driver to panic, and increase the likelihood of a burst tire. Motorcyclists, in particular, can be vulnerable to potholes, because they can cause enough of an impact for the driver to fall off of their bike. Maintaining sensible speeds and thinking ahead usually helps drivers to avoid the dangers of potholes.

The likelihood of having an accident can always be minimized by competent and responsible driving, but sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If you have recently been involved in an accident in Indiana, you should consider exploring your options for compensation.