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Protections and liability for dangerous or defective drugs

| Oct 17, 2019 | Defective Drugs And Medical Devices

Defective drug liability is important for victims of defective drugs to understand. It is important for injured victims and their families to understand liability for defective drugs which may offer some help to victims with their physical, financial and emotional damages that result.

Liability for defective drugs may exist when a drug company develops, manufactures, distributes or sells a prescription drug or other pharmaceutical that is unreasonably dangerous or defective. When a dangerous or defective drug results in injury or death to victims, drug companies may be liable to the victims and families that have suffered harm. In some circumstances, drug makers may be aware of potential dangers associated with their products.

Some injuries that occur because of a defective or dangerous drug may be because a drug that was not safe to begin with entered the market and, in other circumstances, an injury or death may occur even when a drug has been used according to manufacturer instructions and warnings. If a dangerous or defective drug causes injuries or other harm because of inadequate instructions for safe use, inadequate warning labels or fails to warn of potential adverse reactions, serious side effects or drug interactions, the drug manufacturer may be liable for damages.

Victims of dangerous or defective drugs may suffer serious harm and injuries when they rely on a drug to help make them better. This is a difficult position for victims to be in which is why they need to be familiar with the legal resources and remedies available to them when harmed.