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Indiana distracted driving bill may curb motor vehicle accidents

| Feb 20, 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving — for instance, texting while operating a car — can easily cause car crashes. This is why many states have taken steps to ban driving while using cell phones. Indiana is yet another state that has decided to make distracted driving illegal in an effort to prevent injuries from motor vehicle accidents as well as save lives.

The state of Indiana is proceeding with a House bill aimed at banning drivers from holding their mobile phones while behind the wheel. During a recent hearing, victims of distracted driving advocated for the law. Likewise, the surviving loved ones of people who had died as a result of distracted driving showed support for the bill.

If the bill is adopted, drivers will not necessarily have to quit utilizing their cell phones while driving. Instead, they can still connect their phones to their Bluetooth technology. Alternatively, they can mount the phones. They simply cannot hold their phones while also trying to keep their hands on the wheel. Although one senator voted against the bill because he did not believe it would help, many other individuals supported it.

In the event that a driver does cause injuries or death due to distracted driving in Indiana, the injured party or the family members of the deceased victim do have the right to seek justice through the civil court system. For instance, the injury victim may file a personal injury claim against the allegedly at-fault driver, whereas the deceased victim’s family members may file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages. Claims that are litigated successfully might lead to monetary awards that may help with addressing hospital bills, burial expenses and other losses stemming from these types of motor vehicle accidents.