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Motor vehicle accidents may occur due to crossing median

| Mar 20, 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

A teenager in Indiana has sadly lost his life in a tragic car crash. In addition, several individuals were injured in the collision. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle accidents occur due to driver negligence, which is grounds for litigation.

The accident took place at a little past 12 p.m. on a recent Saturday along Eastbound Interstate 74. Police said a car was headed west on the interstate, but the driver, 17, ended up losing control of the car. That is when he breached the median and struck a second car that an 85-year-old man was driving.

The driver and two other passengers in the second cars suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital. One passenger in this car did not suffer any injuries. Meanwhile, all three people in the first car were transported to a medical center after suffering major injuries. However, the passenger in the front seat ended up passing away as a result of his injuries. He was 18 years old.

The surviving family members of the teenager who died in the crash may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the 17-year-old driver who reportedly caused the Indiana accident. Likewise, the injury victims in the cars may decide to file personal injury claims, seeking the reimbursement of damages. If liability is established in court, based upon a showing of negligence, a judge will decide claims for damages. Thus, the plaintiffs may end up receiving financial damage awards to cover burial costs, hospital expenses and other losses associated with these types of motor vehicle accidents.