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Accurate adaptive speed info reduces accidents

| Nov 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

Delays in construction zones are common occurrences on roadways in Indiana and across the country. Drivers generally get warnings about upcoming construction zones and expect traffic backups and delays. A new study suggests that there is a much better way to warn drivers and control traffic to reduce accident rates in construction zones and backed-up traffic.

Adaptive real-time data better informs drivers

The Missouri Department of Transportation and University of Missouri recently studied the effectiveness of posting real-time traffic data to reduce accident rates in construction zones and other slow traffic areas. Adaptive signs told drivers the actual traffic speed in congested sections as they approached the section of roadway. Instead of simply warning of potential traffic backups, the signs gave drivers accurate data that enabled them to adjust their relative speed.

Significant reduction in accidents

The study reported a 30% reduction in rear-end collisions and a 20% reduction in lane-changing accidents when drivers received accurate traffic data. Researchers also found that the congested areas were shorter in length and had higher average traffic speeds while greatly reducing backups and stopped traffic. The smoother traffic flow makes it much easier for approaching drivers to merge as needed and maintain safe driving distances. That is especially helpful when it is difficult to tell whether cars ahead have their brake lights on or are just driving normally with their taillights on at night.

Study affirms drivers control accidents

The reduction in accidents due to the type of information that drivers received prior to entering construction zones affirms that drivers are mostly responsible for causing accidents. Driving too fast for traffic conditions or ignoring upcoming construction zones and other traffic delays puts multiple vehicles and passengers at risk. If you were involved in a road-going accident, an experienced personal injury attorney in the Indianapolis area may review your case and work to help you obtain the best possible outcome.