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What are the signs of hand cancer?

| Dec 17, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When living in Indiana, it’s important to know the signs of hand cancer. If you catch it early, your doctor might be able to remove the cancer before it becomes a bigger issue. Skin cancer can take on a variety of appearances, but most doctors can usually diagnose it right away.

What are some symptoms of hand cancer?

In some cases, skin cancer can look like a cut or injury that won’t seem to heal. Skin cancer can also have scales or a whitish crust that looks like a skin disorder. For this reason, your doctor needs to know the difference between skin cancer and a disorder like psoriasis. If they make the wrong diagnosis, you might be able to sue them for medical malpractice.

Skin cancer can also look like a dark spot that’s irregular, oddly colored or gradually becoming larger. It can also take the form of a growth or lump on the skin. Some forms of skin cancer have a translucent border around the lump.

To perform a diagnosis, a doctor will look at your skin to see if the growth appears to be cancerous. If so, they might perform a biopsy by removing part of the growth and sending it to the lab. They will likely remove the entire growth if it turns out to be cancerous. When dealing with skin cancer, it’s important to act quickly before the cancer spreads to other parts of your body. If the doctor isn’t on top of it, you might wish to hire an attorney.

How could an attorney help you with a malpractice suit?

Medical malpractice could result in disease, injury or even a shorter lifespan. You can’t get that time back, but an attorney could help you pursue legal action against your physician or the hospital that treated you.