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When defective drugs and medical devices threaten your health

| Jul 22, 2021 | Defective Drugs And Medical Devices

Indiana residents expect and deserve safe and effective treatment when they need to visit a healthcare professional. After all, doctors, nurses and most other healthcare workers spend years and years studying before they are licensed to do their work. But, the reality is that the ultimate outcome based on the expertise and skill of healthcare workers is oftentimes dependent on the prescription drugs and medical devices they recommend for your treatment.

The danger of defective drugs and devices

If you have been prescribed medication or a certain type of medical device has been used in your healthcare treatment, chances are you have researched it a bit, but that you primarily rely upon your healthcare provider’s recommendations. But, what if that prescription drug could cause more harm than good? What if that medical device doesn’t work the way it is supposed to? You may be looking at a worsening health situation, rather than any type of improvement.

When the risks are bad enough, defective prescription drugs and medical devices get pulled from the consumer market altogether. In the worst-case scenarios, the defective drugs and devices are “recalled,” which means that they should be returned and the drugs or devices in questions should not be used anymore.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufactures should, rightfully, be held to a high standard. Their products should help your overall health, not hurt it. At our law firm, we help Indiana residents go after these companies when their products do more harm than good. For more information, please visit the defective drug and medical device overview section of our law firm’s website.