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Local dies in car accident near Elwood

| Aug 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Living in a metropolitan city brings with it many benefits. We get all the best restaurants, museums and fun activities, all within a short drive or walk. But, living in a metropolitan city also brings with it increased traffic and increased risks car accidents and fatalities, like the one that recently happened in Elwood.

The fatal motor vehicle accident

According to the Madison County Coroner’s and Sheriff’s Office, the two-vehicle crash occurred Thursday morning at the intersection of Indiana 128 and 37 around 10:30 a.m. Preliminary reports suggest that there was a head-on impact between a car and truck, which resulted in at least one death of an Elwood man.

According to witness reports, the local man was traveling northbound on Indiana 37 when the vehicle left the northbound lanes, crossed the centerline and entered into the southbound lane of Indiana 28. The resulting accident investigation closed down the intersection.

Motor vehicle accidents generally

For our Indianapolis, Indiana, readers know that a car accident is not the end of one’s suffering. If the victim dies in the accident, the family must suffer through the pain and suffering from the loss of the loved one, fixing or replacing the car and living without the income of that person.

And, for the victim themselves, should they not pass, they will have to deal with their own pain and suffering, along with medical bills, an inability to work, and will have to deal with insurance companies, repair companies, etc., all while trying to heal. This is why many seek help because it can all become overwhelming, and one can get compensation for this through a personal injury lawsuit.