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The dangers of truck driver fatigue for victims

| Dec 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck driver fatigue is dangerous and can lead to truck accidents which can result in catastrophic injuries and damages for victims. Truck accident victims should know how they are protected following a truck accident.

The effects of fatigue

Truck driver fatigue can be especially dangerous for those sharing the roadway with a truck driver who is driving with inadequate rest. Inadequate rest can lead to delayed reaction time, inattentiveness and can impair decision making. All of this can lead to truck accidents.

Delayed reaction time

Driving while drowsy can dull the truck driver’s reflexes which can reduce their reaction time to dangers on the roadway. This can result in truck accidents.


Drowsy driving can make it difficult for the truck drivers to pay attention to the roadway. When truck drivers fail focus on the roadway, truck accidents can happen.

Impaired decision-making

When truck drivers drive drowsy it can limit their ability to make sound and swift decisions. Sound decision making is critical when a truck driver is behind the wheel of a semi truck and sharing the roadway with much smaller passenger vehicles and when that decision making is impaired, it can result in serious truck accidents and injuries to victims.

The impact of drowsy driving is similar to the impact of drunk driving or driving otherwise  impaired. It can result in catastrophic truck accidents which is why it is important for truck drivers not to drive while fatigued. When they do, they may be liable to victims for their injuries and the damages they have suffered, including their physical, financial and emotional damages. A personal injury claim for damages can help truck accident victims recover compensation for those damages.