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Federal Court Appoints Robert Dassow of Hovde Dassow + Deets As Liaison Counsel for Low-T Lawsuits Pending in Indiana

| Jan 19, 2015 | Firm News, General

Since 2014, Indianapolis drug liability law firm Hovde Dassow + Deets has been monitoring, investigating, and pursuing claims relating to the harm caused by testosterone replacement therapy, or “Low-T” treatments. Lawsuits seeking compensation for the negative health consequences of “Low-T” treatments are currently pending in federal and state courts across the country.

On January 7, 2015, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, where federal “Low-T” lawsuits have been centralized, appointed Hovde Dassow + Deets partner Robert Dassow to be Liaison Counsel for all Low-T cases pending in Indiana state courts. In his role as Liaison Counsel, Mr. Dassow will be responsible for communicating and coordinating matters between the Indiana state court lawsuits and the federal “Low-T” litigation, working with the courts, counsel, and litigants to minimize duplication and conflicts and to maximize the efficiency of all cases.

The Sudden Rise of Low-T Treatments

During the past five years, there has been a rapid and dramatic increase in the number of men receiving treatments or prescriptions for “Low-T,” the natural decline in men’s testosterone levels that occurs as they age. During that time, sales have gone up more than 500 percent and in 2013, sales of approved testosterone supplements outpaced the sale of Viagra, following in the little blue pill’s footsteps by flooding the airwaves with advertisements that have no doubt played a large role in the exploding demand for such treatments.

Common Treatments Include One Developed in Indianapolis

Some of the more popular testosterone treatments include Axiron, which was developed and distributed by Eli Lilly & Company, an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant that the Indianapolis lawyers at Hovde Dassow + Deets have deep knowledge of. Other common Low-T treatments, which typically come in a gel, patch, or injection form, include:

  • Androgel – AbbVie Pharmaceuticals
  • Androderm – Actavis Inc.
  • Bio-T-Gel – BioSante Pharmaceuticals/Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Delatestryl – Sandoz Canada Inc.
  • Depo-Testosterone – Pfizer Inc.
  • Fortesta – Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • Striant – Actient Pharmaceuticals
  • Testim – Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
  • Testopel – Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

Some experts have expressed concern that the never-ending quest for youth combined with the pharmaceutical companies’ aggressive marketing have led doctors to overprescribe testosterone treatments without a full understanding or evaluation of the potential risk of the treatment. CBSnews.com reported on a study that suggested 43 percent of men receiving testosterone already had normal levels of natural testosterone.

Risk of Heart Attack Doubles After Low-T Treatment

A study released last year about testosterone replacement therapy contained two important findings:

  • For men over 65, the increase in the heart attack rate doubled soon after initiating testosterone therapy, and;
  • In men under 65 with a history of heart disease, the risk of heart disease also doubled.

In light of that study, the Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation into the safety of “Low-T” treatments and told doctors that they “should consider whether the benefits of FDA-approved testosterone treatment is likely to exceed the potential risks of treatment.” Cautions about the risk of heart attack or testosterone stroke, however, are nowhere to be found on product labeling, though that may change in the future as a result of FDA action.

Call Hovde Dassow + Deets to Discuss Your Testosterone Therapy Concerns

Hovde Dassow + Deets, the preeminent personal injury and drug liability law firm in Indianapolis, is currently investigating and monitoring developments with regards to complications caused by testosterone therapy and related treatments. If you or a loved one are concerned about the actual or potential harmful effects of your testosterone therapy and want to discuss potential claims arising out of those effects, contact Hovde Dassow + Deets partner and lead “Low-T” attorney Robert Dassow today at 888-229-1778, initial, and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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