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NSC: roadway death rates have gone up over April 2020

| Sep 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Indiana residents might not know that March and April saw a reduction nationwide in the number of cars on the road. However, the National Safety Council estimates that even though the number of motor vehicle fatalities went down during that time, the fatality rate actually went up.

The NSC made a preliminary study of traffic crash death data for April 2020 and found that there were 18% fewer deaths compared to April 2019. Yet the rate increased 36.6% from 1.08 per 100 million vehicle miles driven in April 2019 to 1.47 in April 2020.

As the case was with March 2020, it seems that more drivers speeding is contributing to the increase in fatality rates. Some states have even experienced an increase in fatality numbers during the first four months of 2020. Connecticut saw a 45% jump and Arkansas a 24% rise. Other states saw a decrease, Indiana being one of them with 16% fewer roadway deaths. The greatest drops were seen in Idaho (36%), Hawaii (34%) and Oregon (28%).

Whatever the traffic situation in their state, drivers are encouraged to obey the speed limit and be aware that more people will be out walking or biking. Drivers should get plenty of sleep, put away phones and other distractions, buckle up and practice defensive driving.

The NSC data illustrates how motor vehicle crashes will always occur as long as fallible people are behind the wheel. Those who have been injured through another’s negligent or reckless actions may want a lawyer to determine if they have a valid personal injury case on their hands. Indiana follows a modified comparative negligence rule that states that plaintiffs can recover damages if they are deemed less than 51% at fault. A lawyer may take on each aspect of the case.