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What damages may be available after a motor vehicle accident?

| Jul 11, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accident victims in Indiana can suffer significant damages following the crash, including physical, financial and emotional harm. For this reason, personal injury legal protections are available to help victims of motor vehicle accidents recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

When a negligent driver is at fault for the car accident, the car accident victim may be able to recover compensation that can help with the damages the negligent driver caused them. A personal injury claim for damages can be one way to pursue such compensation. Victims injured in a car crash may be able to recover medical expenses and future medical care costs for the medical care and treatment they need because of the car accident.

In addition, damages may be available for permanent disability and disfigurement if the victim suffered disabling or disfiguring injuries in the car crash. Car accident victims who are unable to work because of their injuries may also be able to recover damages for lost wages and lost earning capacity. Additional damages for loss of support and services, loss of society and companionship and loss consortium may also be recoverable. Damages for loss of enjoyment and life and pain and suffering damages may also be damages the victim wishes to seek for the harm they have suffered.

Personal injury claims are a valuable resource that can help injured victims and their families get the help they need from the party responsible for the injuries they have suffered. It is important for car accident victims and their families to be familiar with the legal remedies and help available to them, so they know they do not have to suffer with the aftermath of a car accident alone when a negligent driver has harmed them.