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Aviation incidents that cause injury and death are many and varied. The most recognizable are mid-air collisions and single-plane crashes involving commercial airplanes, helicopters, private planes, helicopters or both. Also involved are collisions on runways, known as runway incursions.

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How Aviation Accidents Can Happen

Aviation injuries or deaths can arise from several incidents. These include:

  • Pilot errors: Poor decision-making due to fatigue, improper training or failure to listen to the advice of air traffic control
  • Air traffic controller negligence: Failing to advise pilots of known dangerous weather conditions and properly respond to dangerous aircraft positions shown on radar
  • Careless aircraft maintenance and/or repair: Incorrect calibration or assembly of critical plane operating systems and instruments, faulty or broken plane parts
  • Poor design of a plane or helicopter: Aircraft design is not user-friendly and causes pilots to make errors or misread critical signals as a result

Weather may also be a factor, including pilot knowledge and air traffic control communication, in evaluating the conduct of the pilot or air traffic controller.

Most aviation incidents and accidents involve general aviation rather than commercial aviation. In 2008, there were 1,559 general aviation accidents, and 275 of those accidents involved fatalities. In the same year, there were 20 scheduled airline incidents, some of which involved fatalities.

Regardless of the type of aviation incident involved, expert testimony is required to establish liability. At Hovde Dassow + Deets, we have the resources to obtain qualified professionals to evaluate aircraft incidents and testify to any negligence revealed through investigation.

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