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Dealing with an insurance adjuster

| Jan 22, 2021 | Firm News, Personal Injury

When an individual suffers a personal injury, it is possible that the liable party has insurance that covers the incident. The insurance company may assign an insurance adjuster to evaluate and resolve the claim. However, there are certain considerations that individuals in Indiana and other states should keep in mind when dealing with an adjuster for their claim.

Written statements

An adjuster may ask that a written statement be signed by a claimant discussing how a personal injury incident occurred. Such statements can be used against an individual later on, so it is important to be careful when stating facts about an incident. An experienced personal injury attorney may help a claimant ensure that the proper facts are conveyed without compromising a claimant’s case.

Don’t settle early

An insurance adjuster may offer to settle a personal injury claim early for a modest amount of money. Individuals may be tempted to take such a settlement in order to resolve a claim and receive money quickly. However, it is important to speak with counsel before accepting a settlement to ensure that claimants receive an appropriate sum for the claim.

Send favorable evidence

Adjusters may be more likely to offer a substantial sum to settle a claim if they receive evidence favorable to the claimant. As such, it is important to provide the adjuster with such evidence. In addition, claimants should also submit all of the favorable reasoning why the defendant is at fault and how the claimant suffered damages as a result of the insured.

Hire an attorney

Ideally, a claimant will hire an attorney to deal with the adjuster through all parts of the claim resolution process. An attorney has the experience necessary to preserve your rights, and an insurance adjuster is much more likely to take your claim seriously if you are represented by a lawyer.