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Is automobile safety technology making roads more dangerous?

| Mar 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Newer vehicles have a lot of technological features, some of which were created to help people drive safer. These features can help drivers keep a safe speed, avoid distractions and much more. Unfortunately, it appears that driver-assistance technology isn’t keeping drivers in Indiana as safe as you might think.

The main problem with safety technology in vehicles

As it clearly states in the driver’s manuals of most automobiles, it’s important for someone operating a vehicle to always keep their eyes on the road. Most drivers operating vehicles with driver-assist features follow the rules in their manuals, at least for a while. Over time, however, some drivers begin to let their guard down and trust technology to keep an eye on the road for them. Unfortunately, this is when car accidents can happen.

What features are causing the biggest problems?

One of the main causes of accidents behind the wheel is the back-up camera. These cameras give drivers clear displays of what’s behind them. Unfortunately, this feature often means that drivers stop manually checking their rear-view mirrors.

Back-up cameras are far from the only safety features having an adverse effect on drivers. Experts also feel that adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitors are other driver-assist features making it too easy for people to drive distracted.

As you can see, the work of automobile manufacturers to make safer vehicles doesn’t always create a safe driving experience. If someone else’s distracted driving left you injured, it might be time to contact an attorney. With legal representation, you’ll have someone to help you navigate what to do after a car accident occurs.