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On-duty Indiana law enforcement officer injured in auto accident

| Jul 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Indiana auto accidents can happen to anyone – even those whose job it is to investigate them and help people who have been injured. That includes first responders like law enforcement, firefighters and ambulance crew members. The issues they will likely face mirror those of anyone else who is hurt in a crash. There may be medical costs, lost time on the job, long-term implications and the need for assistance for a long period. Of course, it is crucial to have medical care and family support in these circumstances. It is also useful to gauge the available options to cover for what was lost.

State trooper rear-ended and seriously injured while on duty

An Indiana state trooper suffered serious injuries when his cruiser was rear-ended. The accident happened in the early-morning hours not long before 3 a.m. The trooper was in a construction zone when the other vehicle, a 2015 Ford Explorer, ran into barrels on the roadway, went into the construction lane and hit the officer’s vehicle. Workers were on the job for overnight construction at the time.

The lane was said to have been closed for an extended distance prior to getting to the area where the work was taking place and where the trooper was stationed. The injured trooper was taken to the hospital. Though his injuries were categorized as serious, he was said to have been conscious and aware of his surroundings. The 21-year-old man who was driving the Explorer was believed to have been drunk. He had minor injuries and was also taken to the hospital. He faces charges for operating while intoxicated and other allegations.

After life-changing auto accidents, having advice is essential

Even if the trooper can recover, he will face major medical expenses, lost income and pain because of this motor vehicle accident. If the injuries are long-term, then doing a job as physically and mentally demanding as one in law enforcement will be difficult if not impossible. Having advice on how to proceed with a possible legal claim is imperative. It can also help to have comprehensive guidance not just with auto accidents, but with workplace injuries. Calling for a consultation may determine the wisest path forward.