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We can help after motor vehicle accidents

| Aug 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

At this point, most drivers know that a motor vehicle accident is just a fact of life if one hits the road. No matter how safe we drive, we cannot completely avoid everyone else on the road, so, at some point, a car accident will happen. Luckily, many of these accidents are simple fender benders with no injuries and very little, if any, damage. This is not always the case, though, as many accidents result in serious injuries, even death. This means facing personal injuries, funeral costs and all the stress, pain and grief that comes with serious injuries or losing a family member. This is when victims (or their families) should call Hovde Dassow + Deets.

Picking the right attorney matters

We fight for our clients’ rights and seek the most compensation possible. It is our job to work on our clients’ cases so that our clients’ can focus on their recovery or grieving. We use our combined experience of over five decades representing clients in personal injury cases. We stay in constant contact with our clients, and our clients can always access their attorney when needed. Our time, attention and dedication is to get our clients results.

Types of motor vehicle accidents

The term, motor vehicle accident is much broader than people may think. It can involve other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles and even stationary objects. This is why we hand all types of motor vehicle accidents, including: uninsured and underinsured claims, ride-sharing accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, semi and truck collisions, drunk drivers, rear-end collisions, roll-overs and, of course, car accidents.

Truck accidents can get complicated, fast

Motor vehicle accidents that involve a semi-tractor trailers or other commercial vehicle can get complicated, fast. This is because they are regulated by the federal government. Violations of those federal regulations can have a significant affect on one’s personal injury claim, and Hovde Dassow + Deets is familiar with these regulations to use them on our clients’ behalf. Plus, unlike with a more traditional car accident, determining who to seek compensation from can be an entire process in itself.