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Dealing with a traumatic brain injury can mean months of rehabilitation, expensive medical treatment and the inability to work. If your brain injury was caused by the negligence of another person, you deserve to be compensated for the financial, physical and emotional losses you have sustained. Let our Indianapolis traumatic brain injury lawyers help you file a lawsuit to hold to responsible party accountable!

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What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

A TBI is a type of brain injury that is caused by a sudden blow to the head. Traumatic brain injuries can range in severity from mild to severe, with an equally wide range of emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral consequences. The impact can vary greatly depending on the extent of the injury and the area of the brain affected.

Traumatic brain injuries are typically categorized into three levels of severity:

  • Mild TBI (Concussion): This is the most common form of TBI and is often caused by a blow to the head, a fall, or a sudden jolt. Symptoms of a mild TBI can include headache, confusion, memory problems, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light or noise, and changes in mood or behavior. Most people recover fully from a mild TBI with appropriate rest and medical care.
  • Moderate TBI: Moderate TBIs involve more significant brain damage and may result in longer-lasting symptoms and effects. Individuals with moderate TBIs might experience more pronounced cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, and changes in personality or behavior. Rehabilitation is often required to regain lost skills and improve functioning.
  • Severe TBI: Severe TBIs involve extensive damage to the brain and can lead to profound cognitive, physical, and emotional impairments. Individuals with severe TBIs may be unconscious for an extended period and can experience significant changes in their abilities and personality. Long-term rehabilitation, specialized medical care and ongoing support are usually necessary for individuals with severe TBIs.

Common Causes Of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) occurs when there is a sudden, external force applied to the head that results in damage to the brain. The top five causes of traumatic brain injury are:

  • Falls: Falls are a leading cause of TBI, especially among children and older adults. They can occur in various settings, such as at home, on the stairs or in outdoor environments.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car accidents, motorcycle crashes and truck accidents can all lead to TBIs due to the impact forces involved.
  • Sports Injuries: Contact sports like football, soccer, hockey, and boxing, as well as recreational activities like biking and skateboarding, can result in head injuries that lead to TBIs.
  • Assaults: Intentional acts of violence, such as physical assaults, can cause significant head trauma.
  • Workplace Accidents: Occupational hazards in industries such as construction and manufacturing can result in head injuries due to falls, falling objects, or equipment-related accidents.

When a traumatic brain injury is caused by negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party, whether it’s a negligent driver, a property owner or a product manufacturer. Our team of brain injury attorneys in Indianapolis can fully investigate your injury and pursue compensation from all liable parties.

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